3 best games to eliminate boredom for Android and iPhone

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Game 1 - Toy Rider: All-Star Racing: Toy Rider is a mobile racing game that differs from typical racing games in that it is not only about speed, but also about balance, timing, correct use of props, and proper speed! The game is inspired by backgammon racing but has many upgrades and improvements. Also on google play services.

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Features of Toy Rider: All-Star Racing: Toy Rider for Android

1 Small home environment graphics
2 100+ unique cars
3 1 0 Crazy Chi Units
4 More than 24 tracks
5 Offroad racing
6 Play offline (no wifi required for racing games )
7 Tons of rewards and gifts
8 Customize and upgrade your car
9 Sports cars, Formula 1 drivers, mega trucks, planes, and more
10 Race against planes and helicopters
11 Race with buggies and buggies
12 You can download games from the Android Store 

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The second game -  Universal Truck Simulator: Download Universal Truck Simulator for Android The truck simulator games for driving are one of the most requested games because of the fun they take, and if you are a real driving lover, then you will love these games with its features such as realistic driving, graphics, control And all of these things today I brought you a new truck simulator game for Android with high graphics and at the same time a small size that fits all phones. The game is  on the google play store

The game Universal Truck Simulator for Android is first characterized by the open world and a very large map that you can walk around and enjoy the areas. The increase in graphics and graphics in the game until the game becomes more realistic. It is considered one of the most driving simulation games for Android that has many features that make it one of the most powerful games Truck simulators for Android, you can download it  from Google Play Store

Starting from the layout of the graphics inside the game, you can enter the settings and increase the graphics in the game, so the game will become more realistic. You can increase the brightness of the floors and thus increase the glare as well. And the fun inside the game. The great features of Universal Truck Simulator are powerful trucks that you can customize your charger And when you have a lot of money, you can also buy a new  truck on the Google Play Store

There are a lot of trucks in the game, which makes it one of the most powerful truck simulator games for Android, but this depends on the money that you have in the game. And to get new trucks, many other trucks  are located at the bottom of the Android store Al-Najjar or from the  Google Play store

Features of Download Universal Truck Simulator for Android  

1 Big Map: detailed 3D real-world location with landmarks and long-distance routes
2 Trucks: European /American trucks are divided into different axle configurations (4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4).
3 Trailers: a variety of European and American trailers (box, flat, low, refrigerated, logs, tankers, livestock, etc.)
4 Private Garage: Players can buy and expand their garage with complete freedom of entry and exit.
5 Parts: All parts of the car can be replaced/upgraded, such as the engine, gearbox, turbocharger, tires, battery, radiator, intercooler, oil, and horn.
6 Engine Sounds: All engines have real sound and performance
7 Damage system: The game is characterized by physical damage and deformation of the car body by collision. Auto parts have wear systems
8 Customization: Car color, body accessories, lights, etc. can be customized. Interior customization includes changing the color of the dashboard, steering wheel and instrument cluster lights.
9 Skin Maker: Players can create custom skins for trucks and trailers in the game.
10 and customize your car. Also on google play services

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Game 3 -  Car Mechanic Simulator Play as car mechanics and start their first workshop. The game features a day and night cycle that offers a consistent rhythm and requires you to organize your work accordingly. You can develop your skills by taking increasingly complex orders. Besides development, there are many other possibilities that open up for you. You can collect and tune cars and participate in many complex racing challenges. The game is  also available on Google Play services

Features of Spa Mechanic Car Simulator: You can: Receive car repair orders, tune your car, participate in racing challenges across multiple tracks, compete with other players for the top of the racing leaderboard, expand your car collection and trade your cars. Unlock more than 25 unique skills. Some simplify the repair process, others increase profits, and still, others open up completely new opportunities for the game. The order of opening them is up to you.

The best Android games without the net in a small size

The first game - Toy Rider: All-Star Racing from here

The second game - Universal Truck Simulator from here

The third game - Car Mechanic Simulator from here


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