Battlefield 2042 update 1.2 is now available, and this is a list of all the additions and improvements.

Battlefield 2042 update 1.2 is now available, and this is a list of all the additions and improvements.

Battlefield 2042 has been around for a long time, as the latter had a clear program by the developer team DICE, in order to support it with any contents.

However, the errors and problems that the latter faced in its final version, made the studio rearrange the cards again, as it made some sacrifices in order to improve the general experience in the game, which made it postpone the launch of most of the major updates in the game.
To this day, the latter has shared with us the new update program for game No. 1.2, which has been postponed on more than one occasion before its launch moments ago on all devices, and which carries many major additions and improvements to the game.

Including, for the first time, there is a modification to the design of some of the original maps released with the Battlefield 2042 game, in reference to the developers’ intentions to work radically to return the game strongly, which I leave you with its details as stated in the final report by the development studio via the official game website.

The most important new additions in update 1.2 for Battlefield 2042

Kaleidoscope map improvement

Earlier this year we had an open discussion with you about designing maps through the Basic Feedback Initiative - Maps. Through your feedback, we have identified several focus points related to our launch maps where our quality parameters can be improved through the berm, density, field of view, lane changes, and traversal. As a result, we've redesigned our launch maps to ensure gameplay is updated to these revised quality standards.

Redesigning maps takes some time, and the Kaleidoscope map is the first we've completed a redesign. You can play the enhanced version in this game update.

What has changed?

We've tweaked the playing area to give it more coverage, creating new flag locations and improving the flow across the entire map.

Coverage has been added not only with the placement of new assets but also with increased terrain to help obstruct lines of sight and allow pedestrians to move more purposefully across the map. Most importantly, these new assets offer more tactical destruction that helps ensure that the map evolves throughout the duration of each round, and provides both attackers and defenders with new options when playing in key areas.

We have also included new locations on the map, by adding a forward operating base in the park with a second command center near the tower. The data center has likewise received several passes from the teams to help ensure there are more points of coverage and include new manifestations of the horrors of war in certain areas, helping to make the map more suitable for the 2042 settings

. We hope you enjoy the new gameplay on this map, and we look forward to your feedback. About how to play this updated version once you try it.

Battlefield 2042 update 1.2 is now available, and this is a list of all the additions and improvements.

And as a reminder, the "Regeneration" map is the next map we're working on redesigning. This is still a work in progress, and a remastered version will be available to play during Season 2. The

Specialists - Style and Sound Updates

In this update, we're adjusting our art direction to ensure the Specialists meet your expectations for the style and sound of our world for 2042. You'll notice updated Specialist character models to better reflect the violent situations they face. They witnessed it.

Below are several examples of these updated models. We'd love to hear your thoughts on new Specialist skins as soon as you see them in-game.

Player Profile

Another point of feedback from you is the ability to view in-game performance and stats. This feature will be available to you in Update 1.2 by entering a player profile.

Your profile displays your current in-game progress and performance stats since launch. View information such as your current rank, experience points needed to reach the next rank, associated edits, your best proficiency, and edits you are about to complete.

While viewing the stats screen, you can check information such as your kill/death ratio, kills, deaths, aids, revives, accuracy, shots fired, and much more.



    Fixed an issue with Aim Assist that prevented auto-tracking from working as intended for moving targets
    Added scrolling menu while viewing weapon attachments
    Previewing appearances while in the game will not show the characters' feet overlapping the ground
    It is now easier to read the text in the group screen that identifies the Ranger class
    The Hide UI button on the Battle Pass screen no longer hides player card backgrounds or identities

Battlefield Portal

    Rush - Epoch Military Communications Centers corresponding to all maps have been added. Visual improvements have also been made to Bad Company 2 in terms of original appearance and performance
    Fixed an issue where AI soldiers driving tanks would not move in El Alamein: Axis forces airstrip map layout


    Dozer no longer deals blast damage even when soldier health recovery is on
    The vehicle recall wait time modifier now affects the time period when the vehicle is destroyed and when it is available for use again
    The summon tablet now displays correctly when vehicles are unavailable because they have reached their limit
    AI soldiers are now able to fly planes
    Vehicle outperformance will now take into account the ticket multiplier rate
    The vehicle's superiority tickets progress bar will now update based on the maximum number of tickets left
    A new separate modifier has been added to enable AI passenger seats

rules editor
  •     Map-centered quads now respond to ModBuilder blocks
  •     Fixed issue with the Rules Editor teleportation in the Exposure map
  •     The "tie" rule editor block now supports the grab point type
  •     Disabled Grab Points will no longer affect the game, as tickets continue to drain
  •     Teleportation now works in game modes that are superior to vehicles
  •     Many new rule editor blocks have been added
  •     Get the team ID of the previous owner
  •     Get the team ID of the owner's progress
  •     Get the team ID of the current owner
  •     Get advance grab
  •     Captured: Grab Point
  •     In case of seizure: seizure point
  •     Lost: Grab Point

smart gadgets

    Ammo pouches should now always be registered when they are collected at a rapid pace
    Incorrect status no longer appears while using Instant Targeting Shells like Sundance Anti-armor Grenade
    Fixed an issue where a player could use two body armor panels in succession after deploying Boris' SG-36 Ranger Cannon or Irish's deployable DCS cover

anti-tank mine

     The anti-tank mine handle no longer floats while holding it when changing to it from NTW-50


    The C5 4 no longer attaches to the MV38-Condor when thrown from the passenger seat

input beacon

    The input beacon health bar and icon should now not be balanced when placed on unpaved terrain

repair tool

    The repair tool now starts the waiting time immediately when the repair is stopped
    There is no longer an incorrect delay before the overheating progression begins

smoke grenade launcher

    The smoke grenade launcher now displays the correct class tag in the Battle Pass

Hazard Zone

    There is now an opportunity for a powerful AI tank that will guard a large number of data engines. It's marked on the map, so it's up to you if you want to try it out and get some great loot.
    In-game icons have been modified to make it easier to read how many data engines there are in each location
    You can now pick up gadgets dropped by players and AI soldiers
    Fixed an issue where Ranger and Vehicle Summon Items could not be used after the required link had been captured

  •     Automatic deployment of a parachute should no longer be late or cause fall damage
  •     The camera image is no longer interrupted during the transition from the first person to the third person while performing the subtraction movement
  •     Sometimes soldiers do not drop their weapons when they die in a vehicle. This problem has been resolved
  •     Changes have been made to areas where blast damage can still reach soldiers out of range
  •     Fixed an issue where melee attacks would cause physics issues in transition areas such as cliffs
  •     Fixed a bug where Revive and attempting to engage would not cancel Revive
  •     Soldiers no longer interfere with each other while performing grounding moves
  •     Fixed an issue where the Fall status animation would not play correctly if the player dies before other players spread
  •     Fixed an issue where an ally could not be revived within an elevator in the Regeneration map
  •     Added high-quality animations to the Invisible Soldiers' killing cameras
  •     Spreading over a prone player will ensure that you are now also in a prone position
  •     The performance of the prone movement on steep slopes is improved, which prevents inaccurate spreads during firing
  •     You can now lie down while walking backwards
  •     Player models sometimes penetrate walls while prone, causing damage. It shouldn't happen anymore You shouldn't see the image tear off sometimes when you start sliding
  •     The visuals of soldiers and vehicles that appear in the player's field of view after being hidden are much smoother
  •     Fixed an issue where the front button had to be held down for a short while to go up the stairs
  •     The jump should not be disrupted immediately after the jump
  •     Fixed an issue that prevented sliding immediately after climbing a ladder
  •     Jumping while sliding should now always work correctly

  •     Fixed an issue with cartridge guns taking damage up to 300m. No longer inflicting damage greater than 200 meters away.
  •         For those who shoot from long distances with a shotgun, it means fewer false notes that you might be in danger. For shotgun users, it should not mistakenly give you an indication that you can effectively eliminate your target from such distances.
  •     The incendiary grenade launcher no longer shoots a single shot at the enemy
  •     Perimeter fog around weapon sights has been reduced when zoomed in to help enhance overall visibility
  •     The barrel of the M5A3 is no longer visible through some binoculars
  •     BKS binoculars no longer interfere with the camera in NTW-50
  •     The Ghostmaker R10 barrel is no longer visible through certain binoculars
  •     A number of periscopes have been updated to ensure a larger playable area appears when shooting through the periscope
  •     Shot ejection effects modified so that shot pellets are not visible when aiming through the scope with the PSO-1 scope
  •     Fixed an issue where the BKS 8X and SDB 10X's periscope sight was being obstructed when some lower attachments were equipped.
  •     The "Switch Lens" mark no longer disappears from the scope that shoots with 8T coordinates 1.25-4.5X
  •     The default cartridge case now has a correct stock size icon
  •     The MP28's default red dot sight now has a correct icon
  •     Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect visualizations to be displayed through perspectives with some appearances

  •     The fully automatic mode in the BSV-M no longer provides recoil compensation and instead provides a 15% reduction in propagation.
  •     The BSV-M high-energy magazine damage range has been reduced to 50 meters instead of 100 meters
  •     Fixed an issue where the BSV-M's recoil was not reduced while using the dual mount
  •     Fixed an issue where the BSV-M magazine size in the on-screen dashboard did not match the magazine size provided with the weapon

  •        Damage range is reduced based on the type of ammunition in the K30 for subsonic, standard-issue, and high-energy rounds
  •         Subsonic bullet damage reduced from 0-10m from 22 to 18
  •         Subsonic bullet damage reduced from 30 to 40 meters from 18 to 15
  •         Standard Edition 0-10m damage reduced from 22 to 18
  •         0-10m high-energy rounds damage reduced from 22 to 18

  •     M5A3 close-range damage reduced
  •     At 0-20m - Damage reduced from 22 to 18

  •     The MP9's close-range shot damage has been reduced
  •     0-5m damage reduced from 28 to 22
  •     30-40m Damage reduced from 22 to 18

bottom accessories
  •     Masterkey extension tags size has been reduced
  •     Players may be damaged by the initial impact of the 40mm incendiary launcher, not by the fire itself. Players will now burn as expected
  •     Shooting from the barrel now causes your location to be detected on the mini map
  •     Fixed an issue where animations would sometimes fail when using an inferior extension while in the add-on
  •     The barrel icon will now be displayed while aiming through the scope in Launcher/Masterkey mode
  •     The missing virtual barrel has been added to the M5A3 weapon in Hazard Zone
  •     The fire style UI icon is now available while using inferior accessories
  •     Customizing the firing pattern switch is no longer available while using the lower attachments

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