Dead Island 2 will be back soon 2022

Dead Island 2 will be back soon 2022

One of the most revealed games in years and completely absent from the interface is the game Dead Island 2, which was presented in 2014 to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles by a video presentation, to say the least, it was very innovative.

Before the details of the project, which passed through many and very complex difficulties, were lost, between its movement through development studios that get rid of the game quickly after starting to work on it, before the publishing team Deep Silver settled on Dumpster studio, which gave him the honor of working on the game years ago. Now, it has sent promising signs that it is about to be revealed again.

As there were leaks about his return during the beginning of this summer through a special event, before it turned out that these leaks were not successful, until the past few hours when more leaks were revealed by the well-known leaker Tom Henderson as well as a report by TryHardGuides.

When he reported that, according to his sources, the game is preparing to return again during the period between October and next December, which is expected to be in a very large proportion at the Game of the Year Awards event.

Based on the information, the source stated that the game has completely changed in terms of the idea, after it has become based on the element of cooperative play between players, and its events will take us to famous American cities such as Hollywood and San Francisco, and according to the opinions of some experimenters behind the scenes.

The latter offers very terrible content and will be a wonderful surprise after its next global presentation, on the other hand, the publisher Deep Silver, together with the Embracer Group, expects to launch it during the current fiscal year, which means that it will be released no later than March 31, 2023, so waiting remains the master of the situation until Submit an official.

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