Download gta 3 for Android APK + OBB for free

 Beach Buggy Racing has a 4.5 rating on Google Play Store and all the comments about the game are positive, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times by Android phone users, about myself, this game never leaves my phone and I consider it among the best Android games that have been developed over the years. time.

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Some features of beach buggy racing

3D racing environments with excellent graphics.

Various types of adjustable and upgradable cars.

Designed with high precision and contains unique effects.

More than 25 different explosives to destroy your opponents.

Possibility to play it in multiplayer mode

Download gta 3 for Android APK + OBB for free , GTA 3 is an open world video game produced by Rockstar, now available for all Android versions. This game is about stealing cars, killing people and performing tasks that the gangs ask you to do. This game has amazing graphics, sound and control that is easy to use in mobile phones. It definitely offers a great story, unique and interesting missions, and overall fun gameplay. In Grand Theft Auto III, you will find yourself distracted in the tasks required of you for hours, making it one of the most requested games on the Internet.

  • License: Free
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Operating System: Supports all Android versions
  • Language: English

Version : 1.8

Information about the game GTA 3

The gameplay is what really matters in this game, and this is the main focus of GTA 3 that makes it special. In addition to the very interesting tasks, these range from tasks, for example, the task of racing in the street across the city, the goal of which is to complete your project to get money. 

There are several gangs in the city that you can do jobs for. You can kill people to steal their money, armed robbery of stores, take hostages, etc., and the purpose of this is to collect money to buy a house or anything else on the game.

You can kill a gang member, kill the cop, hit the cop, fight with pedestrians or maybe even girls. It is really tough and you will need to spend countless hours in order to start making serious money. It will make your life a lot easier for thefts and money making tasks in general.

If you don't want to do errands, you don't have to, it's up to you. You can also play some mini games. You have unlimited freedom, and the possibilities are endless. This is also another high point of GTA 3, this game is endless.

GTA 3 game features

Visually stunning updated graphics, characters and models

HD quality resolution

The gameplay is optimized for touch screen devices

Custom controls for the mobile platform

Countless hours of gaming

Gamepad support for USB controllers

GTA 3 game system requirements

GTA 3 game system requirements

Processor: Snapdragon 425 or equivalent


Memory: 3 GB memory space

Download gta 3 for Android APK + OBB for free

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