In pictures, Rockstar's tip for GTA 6 was revealed in 2013 in this way..

Details about the GTA 6 game during the previous period are very dynamic, and not a single day can pass without obtaining additional information and facts regarding the game project, which have not yet been officially revealed.

In pictures, Rockstar's tip for GTA 6 was revealed in 2013 in this way..

What about after announcing it, how will the situation really be, a question we will not answer and leave the coming days to be determined, but as long as we have the latest, very exciting leaks from the trusted journalist, Mr. Jason Schreier.

Through his report on Bloomberg, we learned a series of information about the scenes of the development process of GTA 6, as well as the story template and his confirmation that a female character will be one of the main characters, in a first of its kind in the history of Rockstar Studios at all.

But those familiar with the world of the titles of the latter know very well that the latter greatly respects female characters, especially after Red Dead Redemption 2, so it is certain that the eyes are turned to learn more, but before that many doubts always hover over the game and its content.

Which makes players search all the time for concrete evidence, that would convince a wide group of them with the latest data, and this is actually what one user was able to access through the Reddit forum site after he discovered a poster inside the game GTA 5 that might be hinted by Rockstar studios since Many years for the idea of ​​the next GTA 6 game.

Where it appears in this poster, in addition to the phrase Vice, which alludes to the scene of the next part, which is Vice City, we can see the character of a man and a woman dancing in a style closer to Spanish dance, which is one of the cultures common in some Latin American countries, which really indicates To the origins of the character judging from previous leaks.

And when you look more into the picture, the lights of the police cars appear behind the fog, perhaps a hint from the developer team for years that it has been planning this idea, and the beginning of the development of the game may be somewhat further from this proposal, as we know that it has been reworked in more than Appropriate, and it seems that the developers' stability, in the end, was based on the adoption of this idea that was hinted at.

And according to many of the approved leakers, based on their comments, they see that this tip is the closest to all of the above, based of course on the recent leaks of journalist Jason, and of course, we are waiting for an official announcement in order to remove confusion about all the details on the part of the Rockstar studio.

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