BREAKING: Ubisoft cancels 3 titles and delays Skull and Bones

BREAKING: Ubisoft cancels 3 titles and delays Skull and Bones

 It seems that Ubisoft is still floundering in the implementation of its announced and unannounced projects, so that it can no longer commit to presenting projects announced several years ago.

A few hours ago, the French developer published on Wednesday a statement to investors from the quarterly report, which included several difficult decisions, as she put it, which include the cancellation of three unannounced under-development game projects, justifying this with the challenges the company faces in shifting towards huge brands. In addition to financial problems.

The quarterly report of the French company touched on the unsuccessful issuances of many of the company's huge projects, which did not reach the planned sales, as it had to revise the revenue forecast, which fell to 725 million euros from 830 million euros during the year 2023-2023. The company also expects A decrease of 10% in financial indicators after an expected increase of 10%.

In addition to adjusting future plans. Therefore, the company had to make several difficult decisions in order to continue its development work, and to release high-quality and successful games, as it put it. The company also noted in its statement that it has spent the past four years trying to adapt its biggest and most well-known brands such as the Assassin's Creed series, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division.

As the game Skull & Bones was postponed again, without specifying any other date for its release, in addition to canceling three projects that were in development, and not yet announced, and Ubisoft will have to save about 500 million euros in expenses spent on research and development for canceled projects. The company's development teams intend to focus on successful game services and develop other well-known game projects.

In addition, company executives will work on restructuring in order to reduce costs by 200 million euros over the next two years, as the company plans to announce one game in 2023 that has not been announced.

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