FIFA 23 reaches its lowest price ever in Black Friday deals


FIFA 23 reaches its lowest price ever in Black Friday deals

White Friday discounts are always surprising in some games, and for football fans and fans, they will also be surprised when FIFA 23 gets the best discount since its release in the November sale period.

Basically, the FIFA 23 game was released on September 28 at a price of $ 70 on the current generation platforms, while it comes on the last generation platforms at a price of $ 60, and now the Walmart store currently offers the game on the site for $ 35 on all platforms of the current generation, while the famous Amazon store offers the game at a price $34.99 on Xbox Series X/S.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom or want to buy it even from their local Amazon , FIFA 23 you can get it at a price of £ 46.99 on PS5 and £ 48.95 on Xbox Series X / S, while the previous generation versions are available at a price of £ 37.99 on Amazon at Both PS4 and Xbox One.

We can't forget the game's huge launch, FIFA 23 attracted more than 10.3 million players in the first seven days of its availability, compared to 9.1 million players who joined FIFA 22 in the ten days following its release.

EA Sports is taking advantage, as usual, of the world's largest sporting event. In the update, you can play with the biggest teams in realistic World Cup matches from the tournament in a slightly hilarious attempt to predict the realistic outcome of each player and national team's performance. The update is available at approximately 3.7 GB on the PS5 platform and will not only add the World Cup, but some improvements and bug fixes.

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