Review and evaluation | One Piece Odyssey, an amazing adaptation of the popular manga

Review and evaluation | One Piece Odyssey, an amazing adaptation of the popular manga

 The dream of the players community has finally come true to have an open world game and adventure derived from the famous manga series One Piece for the second time, of course the best company that can develop this type of project is Bandai Namco, welcome to review and rate One Piece Odyssey .

One Piece Odyssey is developed by ILCA and published by Bandai Namco, which is famous for converting anime and manga into video games. We have seen Luffy and his companions in several previous titles, but we have never seen them in an open world game that allows the player to move freely.

In a review and evaluation of One Piece Odyssey , we will talk about the story and link it to other works of the same title. We will also talk about the gameplay and fighting system, and then go to the rest of the other elements. Hello and welcome to review and rate One Piece Odyssey..

The story begins when the Straw Hats, led by their well-known captain Monkey D Luffy, were sailing. The team is surprised by a strange phenomenon that throws their ship through a hail of blizzards, and then they find themselves on the shore of an unknown island.

The game begins directly with introducing the player to the team and its members, starting with Luffy himself and ending with Mane, Zoro, Brook and others. When the ship docks at the shore of the unknown island, it is wrecked and begins to sink, which means that it cannot sail again. In addition, the team disperses because of the storm, so that you begin your journey in search of each member as the first official mission in the game.

Review and evaluation | One Piece Odyssey, an amazing adaptation of the popular manga

But you will discover later that everything that happened with the team members was a deliberate plan by one of the main enemies to bring the Straw Hat Pirates to him through many, many adventures and interesting battles. Of course, as is well known, there is nothing difficult for Luffy, right!

Since the game has an open world, we expected it to offer a gameplay and fighting style similar to what we saw in the game World Seeker. Indeed, the game allows you to explore freely and without any restrictions, but the fighting style was a little surprising.

The combat system in the game is very turn-based, meaning that you can't hit enemies the way you want, however you want, whenever you want. The game offers you about 9 characters that can be controlled, and when you are in any battle, you are allowed to deliver only one blow to each character.

 To make you understand this system better, when it is the character's turn to deliver a blow the player will have three options. The first option is a normal strike, or the use of a specific skill that offers a large attack with more damage, and finally the use of certain resources that contribute, for example, to stun enemies or revive your teammates.

When the player chooses one of the three options, the turn moves to the other character and then the next one, and then it is the turn of the enemies to carry out the attacks. I did not like this combat system in the game because it takes a very long time to finish the battle, and sometimes the attacks of the enemies are deadly compared to yours, and this means that the possibility of losing the battle is great.

The team is credited with adding many, many skills to all characters, these skills you can upgrade, unlock more of them and make them more effective as you progress in the game. The really interesting thing is that the game retained the animation system for executing character attacks from the manga and anime series, as we see below one of Zoro's well-known moves and his animation from the manga.

The game also depends on the system of leveling up and earning experience points. Whenever you win a battle, you will get XP points that contribute to your transfer to the next level, thus increasing the strength of your characters and their health meter, as well as their ability to withstand the blows received from the enemies.

If all of the above is taking too long to finish, wait until you get a feel for the map's size and variety of areas. The Unknown Island is just the beginning of bigger places with more powerful enemies. The variety of enemies and their capabilities in the game is great, now I fully know why the game was postponed from last year to the current one and the reason for its completion, which took a long time thanks to its great content.

One thing to mention is that the development team takes into account the diversity of terrains and environments. You will head into a desert and other small-town-like environments, as well as forests, each with different enemies, bosses, bosses, and more.

The graphics of the game, I see, are absolutely the best among the company's previous projects. If these graphics are intended for the current generation, then we are on the right track, and we will see the future of this type of anime game in a prestigious place.

Of course, some fine details were missing, especially in the voice acting and lip movements. With a large amount of unbearable technical errors. And that's okay as long as it can be fixed in future updates.

The worst audio aspect of the game is the absence of the Arabic language in it, neither at the level of translation nor even dubbing. I do not know why the company overlooked this matter, but it is bad, especially with the presence of 17 languages ​​​​supported by the game in terms of translation.

The music is a far cry from the anime, although the person who composed the game is considered seasoned but it's not quite out of place sometimes.

One Piece Odyssey review and rating


  • Diverse open world terrain.
  • Multiple characters that can be controlled.
  • A strong story that hasn't strayed far from the manga.
  • beautiful paintings.
  • Variety of abilities and skill of the characters.
  • Carefully designed and compact upgrade system.
  • Enemies vary greatly in different areas of the map.


  • The combat system is annoying.
  • Battles take a long time, even if they are small.
  • Mediocre voice acting, and music far from the known and expected.
  • The game does not support the Arabic language, whether as translation or dubbing.

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