Ubisoft Project Q enters the testing phase.

Ubisoft Project Q enters the testing phase.

 Ubisoft will apparently start testing the upcoming Project Q game , which was officially announced last year. The game is a multi-phase Battle Arena, and according to the leaks, it will be a promising project.

Ubisoft is currently going through a very volatile period, as a source previously confirmed that it has canceled three projects in development as well as delaying the launch date of its upcoming game, Skull & Bones, for the sixth time. On the other hand, however, she is focusing her attention on another project, Project Q.

Insider Gaming said that its own sources had assured him that the company would be testing the game in three different phases The first phase will take place at the end of this month, the second will take place in April, and finally the third phase will take place next June.

Unfortunately, details about what the playtests entail are scarce, but a source at the company said the game has seen significant changes since its last test run. The upcoming test objectives are also made clear that they are for fun and error detection.

Game screenshots provided to Insider Gaming showed a game mode called "Showdown," which featured several mechanics from the Battle Royale experience. Although the company has confirmed on more than one occasion that the game is not a battle royale game, it is not known whether the “confrontation” has been removed from the game or not.

Project Q's "Battle Zone" gameplay sees two teams of four players battle it out for dominance in a point-and-shoot mode. The aforementioned mode will be the main one of the game as between the initial run test and other phases. Ubisoft has also confirmed that the title will not feature any NFT tokens.

Are you eager to know more about the game after the first testing phase at the end of this month?

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